Easy Sanitary Solutions (ESS)

The Easy Drain collection from ESS, is designed so that the grates are modern yet timeless. Their unique styles will give you complete freedom in designing your bathroom, so that you can decide exactly where and how you would like to use the shower. Including an Easy Drain in your bathroom will give you the option to eliminate barriers, opening up the space for the ultimate shower experience. With more than 80 years of experience, they are renowned for their breakthrough innovations.



Find your drainage solution

Easy Drain offers a large collection of shower drains. Whether you are looking for a shower drain that’s suitable for a ceramic floor, natural stone floor, vinyl floor, cast floor or mosaic floor. Many of the drains are ideal for both new build and renovation projects. If you prefer something aesthetically pleasing, the design drains will be a good fit.


Ultimate bathroom wall storage

Create more storage space in your bathroom with the unique Container series. Conveniently stow your toilet paper rolls, toilet brush and other items out of sight!