4610094258Lithofin tile care products are highly respected in the tiling trade. Many of their products are invaluable in the care and maintenance of Ceramic, Porcelain, and Natural Stone products.  

MN Stainstop, Wexa and Easy-care are the first choice in the professional stone tilers arsenal to ensure the very best finish and protection to their work.  
For maintenance of all flooring surfaces. Universal usable for cleaning all water-resistant interior surfaces.    
lithofin 1For cleaning Natural Stone kitchen counters during and after cooking.  
MN Stain Stop
Protects absorbent stain-sensitive natural and artificial stone surfaces against staining.    
Removes layers of wax, sealants, tar, oil stains, lacquer and glue.  
Dissolves and thoroughly removes grease and oil deposits, care material residues, wax films, soot ant the like.