Where floor tiles join other surfaces such as timber, carpet, vinyl or laminate, the tiles can crack, chip and even debond from the substrate. Problems will occur whenever the edge of the tile isn’t protected. It’s particularly common in commercial applications, such as shops, hotels and offices. But even in domestic applications the edges of the tiles can easily chip just with people walking over them. Using a transition profile from Schlüter-Systems Ltd will protect the edge of the tile, as well as improving the appearance of the installation.

Profiles such as the original Schlüter®-SCHIENE finish tiled surfaces and protect the outer edges of ceramic tile and natural stone coverings from mechanical impact.

The profiles of the Schlüter®-RENO range create a smooth transition between adjoining floor coverings while Schlüter®-DECO has a wide visible surface for creating decorative joint designs. All finishing profiles from Schlüter-Systems Ltd contribute to the aesthetic and lasting appearance of tiled floors.

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