Many tiles on the market today don’t have a glazed, finished edge, which means it is unattractive when it forms an outer corner on a wall or windowsill. This can easily be overcome, using trim and transition profiles from Schlüter-Systems Ltd. They are available in a wide variety of materials, colours, surface finishes and cross-sections, to co-ordinate with the tiles and grout, making it possible to create exciting, attractive designs. Specially engineered profiles are ideal for providing the dual function of combining an attractive finish, with protecting the vulnerable outer edge of the corner.

Schlüter®-JOLLY, Schlüter®-RONDEC and Schlüter®-QUADEC profiles provide a highly durable and decorative finishing for wall coverings and skirtings made of ceramic tile and natural stone.

With a variety of material finishes, including aluminium, stainless steel and brass, along with several choices of colour, there is plenty of opportunity to create individual designs using Schlüter®-PROFILES. Matching inside and outside corner pieces are available with some of the ranges, giving elegant connections and doing away with the need for mitred corners.  
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