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We at Tradsol are Proud to offer and show working effe steam rooms and Saunas in our wellness centre.

Visit our showroom to experience the wellness which can be brought in to your own home or public environment.
We look forward to helping you create the calming environment you desire.

What is a a Sauna?
Saunas are cubicles with dry heat: the humidity in a sauna is very low (20% max.), while temperatures can reach 90-100°C. They are built in top-quality wood and have special heaters to keep the temperature constant. They are a great way of relaxing, both in the privacy of your home and in public spas.

What is a Hammam?
Hammams, or Turkish baths, are cubicles with humid heat: the density of the steam can reach 90-100%, while temperatures remain relatively low at around 40-50°C.

Visit the effegibi website for more details.


Saunas and Hammams have ancient origins and have always been popular as they help keep us healthy in a natural and enjoyable way. With their dry or humid heat, you can flush out toxins and relax your muscles through perspiration.


Our whole body – including the nervous system, skin and circulation. Feels the beneficial effects of the steam experience.

  • Cell renewal – The steam has a soothing effect on skin problems, reducing acne, dermatitis and softens the skin with a great glow.
  • Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation
  • The steam clears the respiratory tract
    oxygenating the tissues
  • Relieves stress and tensions of our everyday lives
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Helps to relax the muscles

How to safely use your Steam Room to be sure your enjoying them to the full

First, you should experience the Hammam treatment by performing a cycle of activities that include steam bath, cold shower, and rest. Ideally, you should start by taking a steam bath for not longer than 20 minutes, preferably lying down or in a half sitting position, and covering up with towels made of breathable fabrics.

You can reduce the amount of time you stay in the steam room if you feel that your blood pressure is raising or falling.

After the Hammam, the body has to be re-energised with a quick cold shower that helps tone up the tissues and restore the balance of the body after subjecting it to high temperatures and humidity. Then, you will relax for a few minutes, before repeating the hot-to-cold cycle.

To further enhance the benefits of the Turkish bath, you can combine the effects of steam with aromatherapy and colour light therapy. The essential oils and the colours used act on body and mind producing a triple regenerating, reinvigorating, and relaxing effect.


Saunas can bring relief for migraines, which are often due to a lack of regulation in the pressure of blood vessels.

  • Can bring relief for migraines
  • Help the body quickly flush out a large amount of toxins
    dilates pores.
  • Helps the elimination of toxins and dead cells for a more elastic and younger skin.
  • Improves the entire cardiovascular system.
  • Increased release of endorphins
  • Reduce insomnia and restlessness
  • Improve concentration and reflexes

How to safely use your sauna to be sure your enjoying them to the full

Preparing for entry is essential. Remember to enter the cabin completely clean and well-hydrated. Cleansing the body with soap and drinking water and herbal teas will not only help you to cope better with the sessions, but will also increase the effects of the heat.

Once in the sauna, you can stay for less than 10 minutes preferably lying down.

After the first part of the treatment, you should let your body cool down by taking a cold shower, taking care NOT to wet your head first. Then you can wait a few minutes before having another 2 sauna sessions, followed by a shower.

You should drink plenty, especially herbal teas or fruit juices. This will give your body the right amount of water and mineral salts expelled during the session.

But remember that the best way to fully enjoy the benefits of the sauna is to take a moment for yourself, to lose yourself in the relaxing pleasure of this ancient treatment brought to us to teach us the importance of taking care of our mental and physical health.

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