Ceramic and stone tiles can be subjected to a variety of strains and stresses caused by movement, leading to tiles bulging, cracking or becoming detached from the substrate. The correct placing of movement joints from Schlüter-Systems Ltd protects tiling installations, guaranteeing their long-lasting integrity, by compensating for the movement of tiles which extends down through the bed and screed layer below. Therefore these stress-relieving joints are an essential part of any tiling installation and should be incorporated at the design stage.

The profiles in the Schlüter®-DILEX range offer maintenance free and functional solutions for all relevant movement joints in tile coverings. The range includes profile types for movement joints and control joints, as well as edge and transition joints.

All the profiles are installed at the same time as the tile covering. A wide variety of Schlüter®-DILEX profiles in various material combinations are available to protect against movement caused by the expected mechanical or chemical stresses in the tiled surface.

For more information: Movement Joints

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