spiralWedi systems are a simple and very effective wetroom and tile backing system. Wedi produce preformed shower bases and complete surrounds. The most recognizable is the Spiral as featured on Grand designs.   

They also manufacture tile backer boards from 4mm to 50mm thick, for over cladding, traditional drylining and building. The Wedi system is completely waterproof, lightweight and simple to install. It is the only system of its type that carries a BBA Certification.   

The backer boards are often used as a decoupling system as well as a thermal mat to stop cold rising from a sub floor or to reflect heat into a tiled surface when using electrical trace heating systems.

In addition to the tanking system and tile backers Wedi have adapted their ranges to produce some very impressive stream rooms, baths, basins, salon benches and couches. 

The Wedi range includes:

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